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We accept babies from as early as 1 month old here at New Life.  We know how precious your bundle is and how challenging it can be to leave them and go to work! We employ one main caregiver in our infant classrooms and use the same consistent support staff for the comfort and care of your baby.  Each infant has his or her own crib, and lots of storage for their belongings and food. We support breast feeding families as well as formula feeding families and cloth diapers as well as disposable diapers.  We allow infants to operate on their own schedule, and happily welcome your suggestions of how their typical day goes.  Rest assured that our infant staff have additional training and experience in taking care of babies, and their goal is to partner with you as parents.

Wobblers & Toddlers (12 M to 3 YRS):

Our wobblers and toddlers spend their day exploring and discovering! We offer a full day program that includes circle time, arts and crafts, sensory exploration and bible. We typically operate at a teacher to child ratio of 1 to 6, exceeding state standards. Our teachers are patient and loving, giving hugs and positive redirection throughout the day. We participate in an eating environment with child sized furniture and practice our manners at the table. The open cup is introduced and used at 2 years old, and utensils are always given at the table. We offer outside time daily with an open gym available for use during the rainy days. We welcome you to visit us and see our fun classroom and meet our exceptional toddler staff.

Pre-School Transition (3-4 YRS):

Our younger preschool friends enjoy learning through play! This class was developed as a class ‘in-between’ toddler and Pre-K. We introduce basic academics including the alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers. We love to create in this class and your child will enjoy many creative art projects as well as sensory experiences. Your child’s social skills will be developed as they learn to play together and take turns. Our loving teachers spend time each day connecting with the individual child and gently guiding behavior. Potty training is focused on in this class with the goal of being pretty self-sufficient and potty trained by 3 ½. Preschool transition is energetic and loads of fun…come check us out!!!

Pre-K (4-5 YRS):

During a typical morning in preschool your child eats breakfast with friends at the table after singing the prayer song. They sing songs at circle and jump up and down in excitement because they got to pick a job today. After that they go to the table for learning time and learn the letter b, the sound it makes and point out many words that have the b sound. On to free play, your child chooses the sensory table and digs in dirt, “planting” vegetables, and chatting happily with a neighbor. During outside time your child plays tag with friends and races to see who can make it to the slide first. At lunch time your child takes an adventure bite of something they’ve never tried before and then drifts off to sleep to some peaceful nap-time music. Preschool is not only fun, but provides your child with a head start for kindergarten.

School age (before & after-school & summer - (5-12 YRS):

Our before and after school environment is designed with your 5-12 year old in mind. We provide a safe and loving environment for children to play and socialize in while mom and dad are at work. During after school care your child will have time to work on homework, have a snack and kick back to enjoy some creative art and socialization time. We have fun fusion scheduled once a week to keep the kids encouraged and moving. Our summer program consists of a fun filled day to keep your child busy, thinking, and enjoying the summer safely. We take field trips about every other week; some of the places we’ve gone are: the zoo, beach combing, swimming, hiking, rock climbing and much more. We encourage our school kids to read 30 minutes a day and participate in math and science activities that we provide to keep their minds sharp. We also feel the summer time should be fun so we offer lots of water play here on site and plenty of free time to hang out, build relationships, explore and discover.

Fun Fusion:

Each class in our center will participate weekly in some exciting activities with Fun Fusion! Mr. Rich brings in scarves, balls, hula hoops, parachutes, balancing activities, bubbles, water bombs, jumping games, running games and much more to our program! Staying active and healthy is more of a challenge now than it was years ago. At NLCDC we are committed to keeping kids moving and fighting childhood obesity. Along with their teacher your child will stay active in these 20 minute- 1 hour sessions. Fun Fusion costs are included in your monthly tuition. Fun Fusion: Where kids and fun collide!

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