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A note from the director on NLCDC's history:

About 25 years ago I went into the field of Early Childhood Education. I always thought kids were amazing “little people” and wanted to devote my life somehow in being a part of raising the next generation. During my studies in college I took 2 nanny jobs that really gave me an inside view of the day to day lives of children ages 3 months to 7 years. I used these children as my guinea pigs during my college years; developing learning curriculum that they got to try with me, staging puppet shows and dramatic play events, creating different art and sensory mediums, and relishing in the amazing journey of being a kid! During my journey in Early Childhood Education I decided I would like to open my own center. I approached my Pastor at New Life Christian Center (where I had been attending since the 5th grade). I imagine now sitting in his office all of 22 years old nervous and excited, wondering if he would go for my idea. He thought the idea and vision was wonderful and through a series of meetings and about a year of planning NLCDC was launched. My husband, Rich, was my partner and although we had only been married a year at that point we jumped in with both feet together. We quit the jobs we had in the summer of 1998 and opened the doors of NLCDC September 7, 1998. The last 20 years have been an amazing journey, I completed a degree in Early Childhood Education, and then received a Bachelors, with honors, in Children’s Studies.  Rich’s job has evolved a bit as he teaches PE at the Christian school on our campus, as well as operates a game business called fun fusion!  You can read more about fun fusion in our program descriptions.  I am still the director here, and plan to be around for years to come. Please drop me a line anytime by email or phone… I’d love to introduce you to our center and wonderful staff.

Mical Gaynor, director, New Life Child Development Center




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