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Statement of Philosphy


NLCDC believes that children are special creations of God, made in His image.  We operate on the philosophy of unconditional love and acceptance for the individual child, regardless of their background, behavior or life situation.  It is our desire to help every child reach his or her full potential by helping the child cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  We believe children learn best through everyday experiences with people they love and trust.  We surround the child in a nurturing environment with passionate, patient teachers and a rich curriculum. We view our relationship with families as a partnership in the care of their children. We strive to ensure the family’s needs and desires are respected.   We seek to partner with parents to help their children grow into well rounded members of our communities.

Religious activities: We are a non-denominational Christian based center, a ministry of New Life Christian Center. We believe in applying God’s word into our daily curriculum and lives. We practice thanking God for our food and we include devotion times in our classrooms. Devotion times include bible

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